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The BESTT Training Plan

This plan covers boilersmith training. BESTT is also developing training on Mechanical Overhaul.
To see the emerging draft syllabus visit

BESTT wants to ensure that the activity of heritage and locomotive boiler making, maintenance and repair is supplied with the skills and standards it requires for safe and sustainable steam operations into the future. There are over 200 heritage centres in the UK where steam operations are an important feature and around 6,000 working or restorable boilers on railway locomotives, traction engines and road vehicles, ships and stationary engines and this programme is intended to help maintain steam operations into the future.

There are good prospects for work if you train as a boilersmith.

Many experienced boilersmiths are retiring and new people are needed to take their place.

Currently BESTT is offering short courses on riveting and other modules in the training plan.

In the future we may also be able to offer full time training again.

For more details please email

Photo - (From left to right, Gordon Newton (Chairman), Jordan Leeds, Sam Thompson, Nick Frechter, Tom Heath, Robert Godwill MP (Transport Minister), James Newton, Sam White, Nathan Daws, Philip Mason, Jon Pridmore (Traning Manager)

Mike Oakley

First year trainees receiving their Foundation Certificates at the AGM in York.


Interview with BESTT trainers and trainees