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BESTT  Engineering Training on mechanical overhaul of steam engines

What the HLF BESTT mechanical overhaul scheme offers.

Where and what is the work?
We offer one year
paid work training placements  with entry in Summer  2019 - 8 placements. Basic training of 3 -4 months then specialist work. Pay is £11,000 at age 18 and £15,000 (age 22 or over) plus £3,000 bonus on completion. There are good job prospects.

Is on the job with a trainer and BESTT organized teaching. You work through a syllabus,  photograph your work and write it up to show you understand "why".

Our training placements are at heritage engineering workshops around the country. You are likely to need to live away from home Mon- Friday but you will get help to find accommodation.

You will learn how to repair the moving parts of a locomotive or steam engine - wheels, cranks, pistons, steam pipework, brakes, lubrication. It can be hot, noisy, heavy but when finished is usually very satisfying!  You will be working alongside very experienced people and in a team.

Who we are looking for and how do we select
Anyone over 18 can apply but we give priority to underrepresented groups including those with a disadvantage eg lack of job opportunity or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds (schools with few people going on to training or higher education), women and black and ethnic minorities. If you fit one of these groups please tell us or tell us about any other disadvantage in looking for this type of work.

You don't need to have previous engineering or heritage experience but we are looking for people who can work with their hands and have a real interest in how things work. At the interview we will ask you about your experience, for example in using tools or making something. We ask you to bring photographs or a model and be able to talk about what you made.  It could be repairing or improving something at home or making a model, and if possible it should involve moving parts.  

Do use the internet to learn more about how steam engines work.  We look for applicants to say what would interest them about this type of engineering work and their future plans;

We also need to know that you can follow instruction, work both in a team and on your own and have the English and Maths to  write up the work you do and do the necessary calculations.

To know more about the scheme

Before an interview we will contact you to make sure you understand what's involved and can ask us any questions you may have. We may also be able to arrange a Taster Day and/or a Work Trial at a heritage railway or workshop.  

Want to know more or apply?

  1. Email BESTT  with your CV or contact details ( we need a contact address, email, phone number and age and to know about your education and any work experience);  

  2. Tell us what practical experience you have eg  things you have made or a project you plan to complete using moving parts. Tell us also which parts of the country you are willing to go to for training.


BESTT Trainee application form


BESTT visits The P2 Steam Locomotive Company

BESTT interviewed Daniela Filová.
Assistant Mechanical Engineer at The P2 Locomotive Company in Darlington where the new Gresley class P2 No. 2007 "Prince of Wales" Locomotive is currently being built.
She talked about her exciting job using some of the latest engineering techniques helping to build the new P2 and how heritage engineering can be a highly satisfying career also for women.

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