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Would you like a Qualification in Heritage Steam Engineering? Learn new skills to keep the history of steam alive..............

Updated  20/12/2021


BESTT is making available both online training and
short practical courses with thanks to our workshop partners.


- Riveting, LMS Loughborough 18-21 October;

- Short boilersmith course (tubing, stays and patch screws) - online and practical at Hatch Steam Engineers in Sept/October, dates tbc;

- Other short courses being arranged - white metalling, tyres and wheels masterclass and boiler washout and inspection;

- Review of competence management systems in workshops (see article in latest BESTT Newsletter).

If you are interested in any of these please email for more details.


Marine Steam Modules completed by Steam Boat association, BESTT and Maritime Heritage Trust group and published in draft for comment and use by trainees are now available on the Training Courses Page.

If you are a trainee or trainer interested in using these we would be pleased to hear from you. Please forward any comments or follow up to:

BESTT is a partnership of steam heritage organisations representing railways, ships and traction engines and is developing a range of training courses on boiler repair (based on demand), maintenance and the mechanical overhaul of steam engines.
Over a 2 year period BESTT has successfully trained 17 people based on the BESTT Boilersmith Training Plan sponsored by the HLF.

Steam heritage is one of Britain’s glories and working steam engines are a key part of the very successful and very important heritage tourism industry.
There are over 200 heritage centres in the UK and around 6000 working or restorable boilers on railway locomotives, traction engines and road vehicles, ships and stationary engines.

Giving heritage steam a working future

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“No Training - No Future”

A Bestt Conference to discuss the future training needs of steam and heritage engineering

BESTT Pilot project - Assessment of Competence

BESTT was approached by the Kent and East Sussex Railway (KESR) Carriage and Wagon Manager, Paul Wilson to assist in the development and implementation of a system to manage the departments staff competencies. It has been……

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